Is WordPro a staffing service?

  • No, we are an independent resource for secretarial services, office productivity, desktop publishing, bookkeeping, association or organization management, and any other services you might require on an as-needed basis.

Why shouldn’t I just call in a temporary or part-time person?

  • One of the many problems with temporary workers is that they are hard to find when you need to hire one and they don’t always want to work on your schedule . . . but WordPro is ready and eager to work for you when you need us.

Would you come to our office to perform the work?

  • No, but this is for your protection. If we perform the work in your office, you may be liable for payroll taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, employee benefits, and other expenses. One of the many benefits of hiring WordPro as an independent outsource is that you avoid paying these added costs because we take care of our own taxes, insurance, and worker’s comp.

I need someone to answer my phones and do office work. Would you do this?

  • You may find that, if we take a lot of routine office work off your hands, it will leave you or your key employees available to answer phones or work on other projects. If you’re a solo operator, you might consider taking advantage of calling features available through your phone service provider, such as voice mail, call forwarding, call busy. Even if you purchased every single feature available, as well as hiring us for overflow, it would still cost less than a salaried employee.

I can’t afford to hire an employee for each type of specialized work I need. How would your services benefit me?

  • With more than 30 years of collective experience, WordPro provides a broad range of services with a wide scope of expertise. You will get the specialist you want at a very affordable price on an as-needed basis. This is more cost-effective than hiring job-specific employees who would receive salaries even though you don’t have enough “specialized” work to keep them busy.

Why not just use a temporary staffing agency?

  • A temporary staffing agency usually would not allow you to select the specific employee you want, which means (1) you have to train a new person each time, (2) you have to wait around for the person to show up, (3) you have to be available for questions, and (4) you may have to supervise. By contrast, using WordPro on a regular basis means that you get the job done by someone who is familiar with your operation, who doesn’t interrupt your work schedule, who is always ready to go to work, and who performs the work efficiently and accurately.

I work during evening hours. What if I need help then?

  • No problem! WordPro provides a staff with flexible working hours. Just tell us what you need. We even work while you sleep or take a vacation!

I am used to having someone perform the work in my office. Why should I use your services?

  • Today’s technology gives the perception that we are right there in your office; all it takes is a phone call, a fax, or an email to give us your instructions. This flow of communication will provide a level of comfort in knowing your work will get done without interrupting your schedule and will still give you the personal touch you enjoy. One additional benefit to you is that you can avoid paying employee taxes/worker’s comp, since we care of our own taxes, insurance, and worker’s comp.

How do I pay for your services?

  • You may pay with cash, checks, Zelle, or PayPal. Small projects are payable upon completion, and large projects require half deposit with remainder due upon completion. Ongoing projects may be invoiced periodically and are due within 10 days of invoice. In many cases, a monthly billing system is available once we have established a good working relationship with you.

What if I need to make corrections or changes to my work?

  • Routine corrections are free of charge; however, significant additional work will incur an additional charge for the time required to make the changes.

What do you do with my files?

  • Files are your property and the responsibility for safekeeping is yours. Upon request, we will furnish all files, subject to payment of any balance due for work provided, plus the cost of furnishing the digital files. For convenience, we may also store your files among our backup records, but we cannot guarantee the preservation of those stored files. We will delete files older than one year.

What about confidentiality of my work?

  • All information and materials will be held in complete confidence and will not be used for any other purpose, nor disclosed to any third party, without your prior consent. If you require a written confidentiality agreement, we will be glad to provide one.